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Showing my painting talent through Figma !!

Why App signing?

Google Play enforces a signature check when you upload your APK to the Google Play Console, so that even if someone gets access to your Play console credentials, they would still not be able to send any malicious update, if they don’t have the APK signed with correct signing key.

What options we are left with?

If you have generated your app signing key using Google Play, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If not, all you can do is change the package name and re-upload a new app.

You can check whether you have opted for Google Play signing by going to:

Play Console->…

Carousel is a popular way of showing multiple piece of content on the screen without using much space.

Here, we’ll create a simple carousel using FlatList in react-native.

Fetching Data:

We’ll use The MovieDatabase Api to load a set of images that will be shown in our carousel.

Creating Item Layout:

We’ll then create a simple layout that FlatList will use to render images on the screen.

The Home Screen:

We’ll use useState hook to store the fetched data and also the status whether it has been loaded or not.

Also, we’ll use useEffect hook and call the fetchMovieData function inside it so that it’ll only…

Fingers got entangled.
Palms kissing each other.
My arms coiling her body.
Her head resting on my shoulder.

Eyes, which were meant to gaze
was busy counting the number of lays.
Hey, that last piece belongs to me
said the foodie she.

Night. Riverfront. Cold breeze.
Was enough to change the side hug into the tight hug,
only after foods were finished.
Ah, it feels so good I mumbled in her ear.
She yanked me close. Closer. And said feel me dear.

Moonlight. Songs of Kishore Da and burbling of river.
Made us oblivious of the world, and get lost into each other.
With some chit-chats the date was over.
Strange us. Didn’t make any promises of forever.

Shubham Patwa

Exploring(& loving) React Native | Android Developer | NIT Patna CSE '21 | SDE Intern at OYO

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